Ling Wu, Founder & CEO TBCASoft

Ling Wu
Ling Wu


Ling Wu is a mathematician, physicist, engineer, and a business development pioneer leading many talented people developing new high-tech business in many countries, especially in US and Asia Pacific.

Ling is Founder & CEO of TBCASoft Inc.  TBCASoft develops unique blockchain technologies for telecommunication industry.  In Feb 2017, TBCASoft announced a partnership with SoftBank and Sprint based on TBCASoft’s technology.

Ling holds a M.S. degree of Scientific Computing & Computational Mathematics at Stanford University, and a B.S. degree of Physics at National Taiwan University.



Blockchain technology has drawn a lot of attention and hundreds of billion of dollars in investments since Bitcoin blockchain was invented.  How big is the blockchain revolution?  What are blockchain’s advantages and limitations?